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Where and When can Canadians Purchase Cannabis on October 17?

By Whitney Abrams & Samantha Bogoroch, Student-at-Law | October 15, 2018

As the clock strikes midnight on October 17, recreational cannabis will officially be legal across Canada. Legalization will take effect at midnight in each province’s time zone rather than at a single time across the country. Therefore, legalization will occur over five and a half hours, as it moves from coast to coast. We break down the where and when legalization of recreational cannabis will occur.

As the countdown to legalization gets closer, many of our readers have questions about where you can purchase recreational cannabis. Each province has established its own legislation and regulations. While every Canadian resident over the provincially-set minimum age for possession and consumption of cannabis will be entitled to purchase cannabis as of October 17, the options for going to a brick-and-mortar store varies from province to province and Nunavut will have neither physical nor online retail ready for October 17.

Download our breakdown, by province and territory, as to where Canadians can purchase cannabis on October 17: Breakdown – Where and When can Canadians Purchase Cannabis on October 17.

Whitney Abrams

Whitney Abrams

Whitney’s work focuses on providing regulatory advice and advocating on behalf of cannabis businesses in the North American market. She is a frequent contributor to Canada Cannabis Legal.
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